UAW Workers Will Retire Millionaires; U.S. Q3 Car Sales Surprise Analysts – Autoline Daily 3663

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0:00 UAW Strike Damaging U.S. Supply Chain
0:53 GM Builds $6 Billion Strike Fund
1:18 UAW Workers Will Retire Millionaires
1:57 Fain to Update Strike Tomorrow
2:20 GM Still Struggling with Ultium-Based EVs
3:51 Honda Passport Gets Rugged Upgrades
4:48 Honda Launches New Kei Car in Japan
5:41 Toyota to Buy Batteries from LG Plant in Michigan
6:20 U.S. Q3 Car Sales Surprise Analysts
7:33 Ford Fails to Sell Saarlouis Plant in Germany
8:10 Daimler Demos Its Tesla Semi Rival
9:19 Rivian Adds Range… At a Cost
10:08 Lucid Offers Lower Cost Air Sedan

Story Links:
Strike Damaging Supply Chain:

GM $6 Billion Strike Fund:

UAW Workers Will Retire Millionaires:–record-pay-and-benefits–.html

GM Still Struggles w/ Ultium EVs:

Honda Passport TrailSport:

Honda N-Box Kei Car:

Toyota Partners w/ LG:

U.S. Car Sales:

Investor Backs Out of Ford Plant Deal:

Daimler Electric Semi:–a-total-of-more-than-1000-kilometers-with-one-intermediate-charge.xhtml?oid=52421624&ls=L3NlYXJjaHJlc3VsdC9zZWFyY2hyZXN1bHQueGh0bWw_c2VhcmNoVHlwZT1mbGV4JnNlYXJjaFN0cmluZz1OTVNfRmxleFNlYXJjaF9DdXJyZW50TmV3cyZyZXN1bHRJbmZvVHlwZUlkPTQwNjI2JmZsZXhJbmZvVHlwZXM9NDA2MjYlMkM0MDYzMA!!&rs=0

Rivian Boosts Range:

Lower Cost Lucid Air:

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