Three Pro Drivers VS EVs – Will they buy one? The FULL Challenge | Fifth Gear

We meet three professional drivers – a driving instructor, a vet and a courier, who currently driver petrol/diesel vehicles, and invite each to sample an EV equivalent for a few hours. Each vehicle costs a reasonable £30,000, but can we convert them to EV power? Can we dispel some of the myths, and put their minds at ease regarding range? And what cash could they save if they converted to the EV way of life. First up the driving instructor, who gets a Corsa-e. Will the Vauxhall be just as easy to teach in when it comes to mirror, signal, manoeuvre? Our instructor and one of their pupils find out.

Part One – Driving Instructor (0:00)
Hypervolt (6.05)
Part Two – Courier (6:45 )
Part Three – Vet (11:37)

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