The brains behind the first Ford Mustang

Joe Oros was a student at General Motors School of Automotive Design, where he worked under the guidance of Harley Earl. Later, Mr. Oros Joined Mr. George Walker’s Industrial design firm designing Nash automobiles. In 1947, when Walker’s firm won a contract with Ford Motor Company, Mr. Oros and Mr. Walker worked on the design of the 1949 Ford.

In 1955, Mr. Joseph Oros formally joined Ford Motor Company, where his work focused an the designs for Ford’s cars and trucks. Mr. Oros rose to the position of Director of Exterior Design for Ford Motor Company. In 1958, Joseph Oros did the primary design for the Ford Thunderbird, which was named Motor Trend’s Car of the Year. Most notable, Mr. Oros was recognized for his design contributions for the 1964 Ford Mustang. He was a proud member of the Mustang Hall of Fame.

Joseph Oros married Elizabeth Anna Thatcher who he met at Cleveland institute of the Arts. Elizabeth (Thatcher) Oros Is believed to be the first full-time, female automotive designer (Hudson Motors) in the United States. Betty Thatcher Oros raw interview –

Recorded in 2003.

0:00 – Growing up in Detroit
2:01 – Joe’s first car
2:43 – GM School of Automotive Design
7:07 – Working for GM
9:30 – Harley Earl
12:27 – George Walker and designing for Nash
18:00 – 1949 Ford
33:35 – Aero design influence
40:04 – Consultants for Ford
41:17 – 1952 Ford
46:02 – 1957 Ford
48:45 – Henry Ford’s X100 Show Car
50:28 – 1959 Ford
52:09 – 1960 Falcon
53:08 – Cars growing in size
56:47 – Thunderbird
59:29 – Sheet metal shapes, fins and rockets
1:03:49 – Ford Mustang development
1:25:27 – Criticism from Henry Ford II
1:29:20 – Original Mustang clay model
1:31:17 – Ford studio drawings
1:32:19 – 1957 Fairlane 500
1:33:03 – Nash concept drawing

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