Should U.S. Make Tesla Charger Standard?; Volvo Bullish on EV Costs – Autoline Daily 3448

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0:08 Elon Musk Faces $56 Billion Lawsuit
1:01 EVs To Reach Cost Parity In 2025
1:45 Mercedes Peels Off the FTX Logos 
3:19 France Mandates PV Panels at Parking Lots
4:00 More Specs on Hyundai’s New Flagship 
4:54 Should U.S. Mandate Tesla Charging Tech?
6:49 Audi Opens Charging Salon in China
7:28 VW To Use Developing Nations for ICE Production
8:23 Wuling KFC & Cadillac Ragnarok

Story Links:
– Tesla Shareholder Sues Musk Over Pay:

– Volvo Bullish on EV Costs:

– Mercedes Removes Sponsor Logos From Race Car:

– France Mandates Solar at Parking Lots:

– New Hyundai Grandeur:

– Tesla Opens Charging Design to Others:

– Audi Opens Charging Network in China:

– VW to Use Developing Nations for ICE Production:

– Wuling MINI EV KFC:

– Cadillac CT5 God of War Ragnarok:

– To read the transcript for today’s show click here:


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