Only 33% of Americans Want EVs; Italy Wants Biofuels, Not ICE Ban – Autoline Daily 3531

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0:00 Only 33% of Americans Want EVs
1:11 China Luxury Car Imports Plummet
1:43 Chinese OEMs Taking More Market Share
2:19 Ferrari Hit with Cyber Attack
3:35 Copycat F-150 in China Uses Ford Engine
4:46 BMW Designs Factories Virtually
5:45 Japan OEMs Face EV Risk
6:52 UAW Election Still in Doubt
8:06 Italy Wants Biofuels, Not ICE Ban
8:59 Tesla Goes Back to Radar

Story Links:
U.S. EV Poll:

China Luxury Imports Drop:

China OEMs Gain Market Share:

Ferrari Cyber Attack:

Copycat F-150:

BMW Virtual Factory:

Japanese OEM EV Risk:

UAW Election in Doubt:

Italy Wants Biofuels:

Tesla Goes Back to Radar:

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