More Environmentalists Turning Against Toyota; Could Silverado Outsell F-150? – Autoline Daily 3345

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0:07 OEMs Want Congress to Lift Cap for EV Incentives
0:42 China Considers Extending EV Incentives
1:26 Environmentalists Turning Against Toyota
2:12 Could Silverado Outsell F-150?
3:46 Michigan Approves Digital License Plates
4:32 Chevrolet Teases Blazer EV
5:03 Geely to Launch Luxury EV Pickup
5:39 BMW Tests Innovative Battery
7:12 Stellantis Leaving the ACEA
8:28 Porsche Cayenne Could Have Been a Mercedes

Story Links:
OEMs Want EV Cap Lifted:

China EV Incentives:

Environmentalists Turn Against Toyota:

Could Silverado Outsell F-150?:

Michigan Digital License Plates:

Autoline Reviver Interview:

Chevy Blazer EV:

Geely Plans Luxury Pickup:

BMW Tests Battery:

Autoline ONE Interview:

Stellantis Leaves ACEA:

Cayenne Could Have Been a Mercedes:

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