Mercedes Smashes Nurburgring Record; Audi Wants Old Cell Phone Batteries – Autoline Daily 3447

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0:08 China Car Exports Booming
0:52 Geely Is Building an ICE Empire
2:02 Euro 7 Tightens Up Emissions Regulations
3:37 GM Super Cruise Doubles Its Mileage 
4:14 Mercedes Supercar Smashes Nurburgring Track Record
5:07 Volvo Targets 70% Sales Growth 
6:24 Audi Wants Your Cell Phone Batteries
7:06 Huawei EV Peels Open Like a Can of Sardines
8:04 VTOLs To Fly At 2024 Paris Olympics

Story Links:
– China Exports Booming:

– Geely Building ICE Empire:

– AAH 623:

– EU Proposes Euro 7 Emissions Rules:

– GM Doubles SuperCruise Network:

– Mercedes Sets Nurburgring Record:!!&rs=1

– Volvo Targets 70% Growth:

– Audi Wants Old Cell Phone Batteries:

– Huawei Car Fails Crash Test:

– VTOLs to Fly at Paris Olympics:

– To read the transcript for today’s show click here:


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