Kajto Crash | WRC FORUM8 Rally Japan 2022

Kajetan Kajetanowicz’s WRC2 title hopes came to a heartbreaking end on Friday morning’s opening stage at WRC FORUM8 Rally Japan 2022. This Kajetan Kajetanowicz crash happened when the Polish driver lost control as he exited the tunnel which resulted in the car’s rear left corner clipping a lamp post.

“Unfortunately, these are rallies, I think we will try next time. Forgive me for this. We ran out of luck. We are a bit battered, but healthy,” lamented the Polish driver.

WRC FORUM8 Rally Japan 2022, round 13 and the final round of the FIA World Rally Championship 2022. 19 challenging rally stages on asphalt roads in Aichi and Gifu, two prefectures 300km to the west of Tokyo, close to Nagoya city. The service park and Rally HQ is based at Toyota Stadium. November 10 – 13 2022.

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