GM & Honda Focus on Affordable EVs; All-New Honda HR-V Bigger Than Ever – Autoline Daily 3296

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0:07 GM & Honda Expand EV Partnership
0:55 Nissan Delays the Ariya Again
1:20 GM Finally Restarts Bolt Production
1:59 China Worried About Surging Lithium Prices
3:03 Electric Charger & Challenger Production Revealed
3:50 All-New Honda HR-V Bigger Than Ever
4:27 Stellantis Tests 5G to Improve Safety
5:04 How V2X Can Improve AVs
6:18 BMW Invests in Natural Fiber Composites
7:04 Stacking Up the Chinese EV Startups
7:46 Ranking Non-Telsa U.S. EV Sales

Story Links:
GM & Honda EV Partnership:

Nissan Ariya Delayed:

GM Restarts Bolt Production:

Lithium Prices Soaring:

New Honda HR-V:

Stellantis 5G Test:

ZF AV V2X Test:

BMW Natural Fiber Composites:

China EV Startup Sales:

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