GM & Ford Fed Up With the UAW; Model Y Updated in China – Autoline Daily 3660

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0:00 GM’s Mary Barra Slams Shawn Fain…
0:58 …So Does Ford’s Farley 
1:17 UAW Expands Strike to Two More Plants
1:59 UAW Reaches Agreement with Mack Truck
2:21 Auto Suppliers Beg for Strike Relief
3:51 Tesla Updates Model Y in China
4:43 No New EV Plant for VW In Wolfsburg
5:50 Auto Alliance Says CAFE Rules Not Feasible
6:34 Teamsters Oppose GM Cruise AV Exemption
7:15 Mercedes Launches L3 Drive Pilot in U.S.
7:49 Italy Wants to Block Chinese EV Imports

Story Links:
– Mary Barra Slams Fain:

– Jim Farley Slams Fain:

– UAW Strike Expands:

– UAW Reaches Agreement with Mack Trucks:

– Small Suppliers Want Strike Relief:

– Tesla Model Y Updates:

– VW Scraps New EV Plant:

– New CAFE Proposal “exceeds maximum feasibility”:

– Teamsters Oppose Cruise Origin Shuttle:

– Mercedes Launches L3 in the U.S.:

– Italy Proposal Would Hurt Chinese Imports:

– To read the transcript for today’s show click here:


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