Ford Technology Automatically Reduces Speed; PHEVs Starting to Catch On – Autoline Daily 3331

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0:07 Toyota Slashes Production Again
0:39 COVID Lockdowns Cripple China’s Sales
1:13 China Likely to Ban ICEs
2:36 Stellantis & Samsung Pick Indiana for Battery Plant
3:18 Ford Using Geofencing to Automatically Reduce Speed
4:12 BMW Implementing 3D Printed Parts Into Production
5:28 Magna Lighting Tech Shines Through Plastic
6:32 PHEVs Starting to Catch On in the U.S.

Story Links:
Toyota Production Cut:

China Sales:

China ICE Ban:

Stellantis & Samsung U.S. Battery Plant:

Ford Using Geofencing:

BMW 3D Printed Production Parts:

Magna Lighting Technology:

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