Ford Sold Most +$50,000 Vehicles; Charge An EV Battery In Only 9 Seconds – Autoline Daily 3294

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0:07 EV Sales Explode in China
0:53 UPS Tests E-Bikes for Delivery
1:40 Ram Readies A Ford Maverick Competitor
2:19 Ford Sold Most +$50,000 Vehicles
3:11 Toyota Corolla GR Is A Monster
5:25 Toyota Strategy with Solid State Batteries
7:28 Tesla’s Charging Network Gets Even Bigger
8:18 Charge an EV Battery In Only 9 Seconds

Story Links:
China EV Sales:

UPS e-bike:

Ram Small Pickup:

Ford Sold Most +$50,000 Vehicles:

Toyota Corolla GR:

Toyota Solid State Batteries:

Tesla Superchargers:

Charge an EV in 9 Seconds:

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