Ford BlueCruise Spanking GM Super Cruise; Lithium Prices Crater In China – Autoline Daily 3533

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0:00 Ford’s Business Unit Profit Walk
1:12 Why Ford Model E Is So Deep in The Red
2:20 Ford Says BlueCruise Spanking GM Super Cruise
3:56 Zeekr Unveils Sliding Center Screen
4:42 Lithium Prices Cratering in China
5:27 CATL Skeptical of Solid-State Batteries
7:07 VW Group Could Bring Cupra To North America
7:50 VW Pledges 15 Years Support for Android Auto
8:16 Hyundai-Kia Tow Hitch Harness A Fire Risk

Story Links:
Ford Profit By Business Unit:

Ford Model E In The Red:

Zeekr X Display Screen:

China Lithium Price Drop:

CATL Skeptical of Solid-State Batteries:

Cupra May Come to North America:

VW Pledges Android Auto Support:

Tow Hitch Fire Risk:

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