Do you really need an SUV? The FULL Challenge | Fifth Gear

SUVs are the cars of the moment. The combination of decent passenger and luggage space, plus an elevated view, is hard to beat. But maybe a minivan is an even better family solution? For just under £50,000, which many larger SUVs cost these days, you sit just as high, can seat at least seven people, and won’t sacrifice boot space in the process. More and more manufacturers are producing them, so time to put the Plug in Hybrid VW T7 Transporter up against a 7 seat PHEV SUV costing the same cash – the Hyundai Santa Fe. Test 1 – which is the nicest to drive, and be driven in? The crew pack in as both vehicles go for a spin.

Part One – Best Drive (0:00)
Sponsor (5.51)
Part Two – Storage (6:33 )
Part Three – Slalom (12:02)

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