Best Retro Sportscars of Modern Times: Morgan Motor Company Lineup in 2023

Morgan Motor Company is among the world’s longest running automobile manufacturers that operates from Malvern, Worcestershire, United Kingdom. It is also the only carmaker of the 21st century that still uses wooden frames and assembles each car exclusively by hand. This leads to customers spending months or even years on waiting lists, but anyone hardly ever complains, after all a true retro sportscar is a work of art that cannot be rushed. Today we would like to visit Morgan’s garage, check out their current lineup and review the limited edition models that are making the news.

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#1 Morgan Plus Four:

Even though Plus Four arrived as a follow up to the Six in 2020, it was the originally intended Morgan of the next generation. The all-new aluminum chassis was named CX, like the Roman numerals for 110, the number of years that Morgan has been in existence.

#2 Morgan Super 3:

Morgan Super 3 debuts with a new aluminum monocoque structure and a 1.5liter turbo 3cyllinder from Ford, that promises 118 horses.

#3 Morgan Plus Six:

The Six is Morgan’s current flagship retro sportscar with the recently updated suspension, steering and braking systems. The former benefits from new shock absorbers and bushings, and the overall dynamics of the car were enhanced through the new power steering, electronic stability control and a braking system.

#4 Morgan Plus Four CX-T:

Plus four CX-T has beaten Porsche 911 Dakar and Lamborghini Sterrato in the race for the title of the world’s first mass produced dedicated offroad sportscar.

#5 Morgan Plus 8 GTR:

Morgan Plus 8 GTR is a limited production, semi custom version of the Plus 8, that gets 375 horses. It was released in 2021, 3 years since the model stopped production.

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