Bentley Cars and SUVs in 2023: Most Successful Ultra-Luxury Models of Today

British automotive luxury remains undisputed and Bentley deservingly can take a portion of the credit for this success. Despite all of the financial hardships around the world, ultra-expensive models sell like hot cakes, so fresh Bentleys come out as scheduled. Today we will cover all-new models and all those limited editions that are destined to become automotive exclusives in the upcoming years.
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#1 Bentley Mulliner Batur

The latest coachbuild by the Mulliner workshop was named after the lake Batur on the Island of Bali. Unlike the Bacalar Barchetta this is a hard-top coupe with the production run of just 18 units. It debuts fresh design language, but borrows underpinnings from the Continental GT.

#2 Bentley Flying Spur Speed

Despite being one of the most luxurious cars in its class, the crown jewel of the Flying Spur portfolio arrives in 2023 as the fastest production four-door sedan in the world. The Spur Speed is one of the last Bentley’s offered with the W12.

#3 Bentley Bentayga Extended Wheelbase

Bentley Bentayga Extended Wheelbase offer even more Bentley to its buers, growing in size by 7 inches compared to the standard model.

#4 Bentley Continental GT S

2024 Bentley Continental GT S comes powered by the brand’s twin-turbocharged 4-liter V8 engine and focuses on driving experience, performance and visual appeal.

#5 Bentley Continental GT Mulliner

Besides the new convertible Continental the upcoming model year also welcomes the Mulliner spec for the coupe. By the numbers this is the most dynamic and most luxurious Continental to date, based on the GT Speed.

#6 Exclusive Bentley Flying Spurs

2022 has proven to be one of the most successful years for bespoke Bentleys, so their most luxurious sedan has deservingly received a trio of unique versions. Those include a Flying Spur S Hybrid in Spark Blue, Marlin Blue, Alpine Green and 25 other satin paints.

#7 Bentley Bentayga Hybrid S Azure and Bentayga Odyssean Edition

The long wheel base is the major attention magnet of Bentayga’s 2023 lineup, but the standard versions of the SUV also get interesting iterations. The Bentayga Hybrid now comes in the S, Azure and Odyssean Edition guises.

#8 Bentley Continental GT Convertible

One of the world’s finest cars to travel long distances can complement its sensational potency and comfort with a limitless headroom. A luxurious Continental GT Convertible transforms into a drop-top within 19 seconds and at speeds of up to 30mph.

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