All-New Automobili Pininfarina in 2024: Best Italian Supercars and Other Design Projects

Italy’s Carrozzeria Pininfarina was Founded by the legendary Battista Pinin Farina all the way in 1930. Through the years, the Cambiano, Turin company has been involved in all kinds of design projects ranging from world renowned automobiles to yachts, trains, buses and airplanes. Spaceships and rockets are probably the only fields where these Italians haven’t applied their skills just yet. In this episode of #AutomotiveTerritoryDailyNews we would like to go over the most recent projects of the company and their latest attempts to become an independent carmaker!

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#1 Pininfarina B95

Pininfarina’s journey toward establishing itself as a complete automobile manufacturer advances significantly as they unveil an internally created all-electric hypercar. Scheduled for release in 2025, the B95 serves as a tribute to the brand’s imminent 95th anniversary, with the ‘B’ in its name as a nod to Italy’s cherished 2-seat roadster, the “Barchetta.”

#2 Pininfarina PURA

Pininfarina is presenting the Pura Vision design concept at Pebble Beach, providing a sneak peek into a prospective “electric luxury utility vehicle” referred to as the “e-LUV.” The concept places a strong emphasis on its eye-catching aesthetics, showcasing unique characteristics.

#3 Pininfarina Battista Edizione Nino Farina

Pininfarina is unveiling a limited-edition version of its incredibly powerful all-electric hypercar, and there will be just five of them in existence. This distinctive Battista serves as a tribute to the first-ever world champion in modern Formula 1, Nino Farina, who clinched the 1950 championship while piloting the Alfa Romeo 158.

#4 Pininfarina Foxconn Model B

Pininfarina Foxconn Model B is a hatchback-crossover half breed that boasts Pininfarina design and comes underpinned by the Foxconn’s open source EV platform.

#5 Pininfarina Apricale

Pininfarina Apricale is a hydrogen-powered electric hypercar with 1073 horses and a total weight of 2200 pounds.

#6 Pininfarina Holon

2024 Pininfarina Holon is a 15-passenger driverless shuttle, that is powered by an all-electric drivetrain and is aimed to be complete inclusive.

#7 Pininfarina NamX HUV

Pininfarina NamX HUV is a hydrogen utility vehicle, that should hit production lines sometimes in 2025. It relies on a patented fuel cell system with one fixed tank and 6 removable injectable cartridges, hidden behind the transparent rear bumper.

#8 Oceanco and Pininfarina Kairos

Oceanco and Pininfarina Kairos is a hybrid superyacht concept that has unusual symmetrical profile and a 3-deck theatre-like design.

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