7-Seat Pickup Trucks that Exist Today: The World’s Only 3-Rows to Handle Large Families

In the North American market, pickup trucks are commonly seen as versatile vehicles capable of handling various work and recreational activities. However, when it comes to accommodating larger families with more than five members, you’re likely wondering about a unique category of robust vehicles designed to transport 7 to 8 passengers within the cabin, rather than in the truck bed.
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Most Anticipated Large SUV Newcomers of 2024 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=po3wE-nnfnE&ab_channel=AutomotiveTerritory%3ADailyNews

Upcoming Heavy-Duty Pickup Trucks of 2023: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWC6HPY_ULc&ab_channel=AutomotiveTerritory%3ADailyNews

Ram 1500 REV: ramtrucks.com/revolution.html

In recent times, Ram trucks have asserted their dominance in the competitive landscape as the most dependable, well-balanced, and technologically advanced vehicles. This trend is anticipated to persist as the automotive industry shifts towards the electric era, based on the insights we possess regarding the forthcoming 1500 REV model.

CABT Ford F-350: customautosbytim.com/options.html

CABT, which is short for Custom Trucks by Tim and is also recognized as the Stretch Truck Company, clearly indicates its primary mission of enlarging trucks and SUVs of various dimensions for over two decades. One of these customized creations, featured on the display, is built upon the foundation of a Ford F-350 Super Duty.

Megarexx MegaBronc: megarexxtrucks.com

Megarexx MegaBronc has the looks of the new generation Ford Bronco and the underpinnings from the 2021 Ford F-250 SuperDuty with the CrewCab body.

Telo Truck: telotrucks.com

Crafted by Telo, an EV startup from the United States, this vehicle merges the Mini Cooper’s compact dimensions with the Toyota Tacoma’s bed length. The outcome is the Telo urban truck that presents opportunities for weekend escapades and robust work functionalities.

CABT GMC Six Door: customautosbytim.com/index.html

The last example from CABT’s collection that we’re unveiling today is constructed using a General Motors truck chassis. Specifically, they’ve taken the GMC Sierra 2500 HD with an extended bed and crew cab, and they’re splitting it down the middle to incorporate an additional set of doors and a complete extra row of seats.

Megarexx MegaRaptor7: megarexxtrucks.com/the-all-new-megaraptor-7-sale-page

Megarexx MegaRaptor7 is a 7-seat conversion of the F250 SuperDuty that is priced at $169,000.

CABT F650 Super Truck: customautosbytim.com/f650truck.html
The standout alteration accomplished by CABT revolves around a commercial truck that previously had the capacity to tow a mountain but has now been upgraded to transport a family of seven in addition to its original capabilities. This transformation is carried out on the foundation of a Ford F650 Super Truck, which comes with two engine options.

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