World’s Sleekest Cars that Redefine the Standards of Aerodynamics in 2023

Sophisticated wind tunnels and computer modeling have allowed modern car designer to achieve previously unattainable results in aerodynamic efficiency. Moreover, if artificial intelligence gets involved, we are getting the sleekest looking and nearly drag free cars. In this video we will cover these marvels of engineering that seamlessly pierce through the air and have absolutely stunning designs.
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#1 2023 Ioniq 6

Based on the Hyundai Prophecy concept, 2023 Ioniq 6 has an ultra-sleek teardrop shape with a 0.21 drag coefficient.

#2 2023 Volkswagen ID. Aero

The mid-size sedan segment is still quite popular in Asia, so expectedly the presentation for the upcoming flagship model of the VW Group took place in China. The ID. Aero will become the first-ever global all-electric sedan based on the MEB platform.

#3 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQXX

The Mercedes EQXX concept is a masterpiece of efficiency from Stuttgart’s engineers. First, they used innovative and lightweight materials to create a teardrop body shape with the benchmark drag coefficient of 0.17.

#4 2023 Aptera

In 2022, Aptera continues development of its never-charge EV, further enhanced its aero profile, and ultimately nears the finalization of the production-intent design.

#5 2022 Mercedes-Benz/AMG EQS

Internal combustion S-class has been the undisputed flagship of Mercedes for the past 50 years, but lets be honest, the futuristic EQS is destined to overtake the title. This electric newcomer abandons the typical sedan profile in favor of a liftback shape that has a 0.209 drag coefficient.

#6 2022 Nio ET7

2022 Nio ET7 is the range-topping sedan from the brand, that should arrive to Europe in late 2022. The model has aerodynamic design with a 0.208 drag coefficient, powerful drivetrain options, and plenty of tech.

#7 2022 Lucid Air

Despite the flood of flagship electric sedans, the Air by Lucid Motors is still considered the next big thing that would challenge the reign of the Tesla Model S. Among the arguments to support this claim is the fact that Air is the longest-range EV in the business, its aircraft inspired design has 0.21 drag coefficient.

#8 2023 Mercedes-Benz/AMG EQE

The playbook of the EQE was basically copied from the flagship EQS model with some reductions in the level of posh and performance. This egg-shaped sedan has an astonishing drag coefficient of 0.2 and already come in multiple configurations including the AMG version with a striking panamericana grille.

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