World’s Most Powerful Megacars with At Least 2000 Horsepower: Newest Models You Must See

In 2005 Bugatti Veyron became the first production automobile to surpass the 1000 horsepower barrier and consequently established the new class of hypercars. Today though, we live in the era of Megacars when 2000 horsepower is the new benchmark of performance! In this episode we will cover these world’s most powerful models that prove there is no limit to the engineering genius.

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#1 Deus Vayanne

Deus Vayanne is an extreme 2200-horsepower supercar created by the Austrian Deus, Italian Italdesign and UK Williams Advanced Engineering.

#2 Rimac Nevera

The prodigy Croatian innovator, Mate Rimac, has been developing the Nevera hypercar for the past 10 years and now it is ready for production. Its 4 electric motors make 1,914 horsepower combined and allow reaching 257 miles per hour top speed, making it the fastest EV on the planet.

#3 Lotus Evija

Weighing 3696 poundss, the Lotus Evija is the lightest electric hypercar on the market. It gets unique aerodynamic features like venturi tunnels, and a 2000 horsepower quad-motor powertrain.

#4 Aspark Owl

Claimed to be the fastest accelerating car in the world, the Aspark Owl promises 2012 horses, 1475 lb-ft, and 1.69-seconds 0 to 60 time.

#5 Pininfarina Battista

Pininfarina Battista is an-electric supercar by the Munich-headquartered Automobili Pininfarina, with design by Turin Pininfarina S.P.A and underpinnings by the Croatian Rimac.

#6 Devel Sixteen

The Devel Sixteen megacar was inspired by a fighter jet, it has an aluminum high resistance monocoque, fully adjustable billet arms double wishbone suspension and high-strength full carbon fiber body. If actually delivered with a 5,007 hp quad Turbo V16 engine, this model will get the title of the world’s most powerful production car.

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