Volvo Copies Tesla’s Castings; Alfa Romeo Tonale One Cute Ute – Autoline Daily 3256

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0:07 Volvo Copies Tesla’s Mega Castings
0:54 Tesla Goes On Hiring Spree in China
1:37 GM Delays Next-Gen Mid-Size Pickups
2:33 Nissan to Drop ICE, But When?
2:58 Sneak Peak at Lexus BEV Concept
3:32 DS Concept Uses Formula E Powertrain
4:03 Magna Mirror Incorporates Driver Monitoring
5:17 Powertrain Details of Alfa Romeo Tonale
7:57 Ford e-Transit on Sale Now

Story Links:
Volvo Mega Castings:

Tesla China Hiring Spree:

Nissan Phasing Out ICEs:

Lexus BEV Concept:

DS Concept:

Magna Driver Monitoring System:—magna-lands-industry-first-award-for-integrated-driver-and-occupant-monitoring-system

Alfa Romeo Tonale:

Ford e-Transit:

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