Upcoming Lotus Sportscar in 2023 and Beyond: Renaissance of the Iconic British Brand

You do not have to be a die-hard fan of Lotus to acknowledge the progress that the brand has made in the last couple of years. From being a manufacturer of questionably attractive sportscars that didn’t have air conditioning, Lotus has evolved to produce the world’s lightest electric hypercar, the most affordable super coupe, and the first hyper SUV. Today we will summarize the recent achievements of this iconic British brand under the new Chinese management.
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#1 2023 Lotus Evija Fittipaldi

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Emerson Fittipaldi’s victorious Formula One season in 1972 with Lotus, the British automaker has introduced a limited-edition hypercar consisting of only eight units. The Evija Fittipaldi, developed in collaboration with the renowned driver, is meticulously crafted at Lotus’ headquarters in Norfolk, UK.

#2 Lotus Type 62-2 by Radford: radford.co/type-62-2-gold-leaf/

Lotus Type 62-2 by Radford is a 62 unit, special version of the Lotus Evora created by the revived coachbuilder Radford.

#3 2023 Lotus Eletre

Lotus has entered the league of prestigious supercar manufacturers by introducing a hyper SUV to its lineup. The Lotus Eletre is an electric SUV designed in Coventry, UK and manufactured in Wuhan, China.

#4 Lotus Elise EV: callumdesigns.com/nyobolt / nyobolt.com/media/

Lotus Elise EV is the creation of a Cambridge Cambridge startup Nyobolt, CALLUM engineering and a former Lotus designer Julian Thompson.

#5 2024 Lotus Emira: lotuscars.com/en-GB/emira

2024 Lotus Emira succeeds the Evora GT and represents a bridge between Lotus’s gasoline-powered past and electric future.

#6 2024 Lotus Emira GT4: media.lotuscars.com/en/news-articles/lotus-reveals-emira-gt4-race-car.html

2024 Lotus Emira GT4 is a track ready version of the Emira that will compete in GT4 class races all around the world, including the US.

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