UAW Targets Transplants, EV Startups; Tesla & Biden Quietly Working Together – Autoline Daily 3353

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0:07 UAW Going After Non-Union OEMs Again
1:04 Tesla & Biden Quietly Collaborating
1:55 Tesla Brings Back Enhanced Autopilot
3:31 GM Makes Charging Its EVs Easier
4:32 Nissan to Supply McLaren for Formula E
4:53 Uber & Lyft Drivers Put Ads on Their Vehicles
5:25 Aptera Confirms Hub Motor Supplier
6:36 Mercedes EQXX Ekes Out More Range
7:31 Polestar 5 Gets Whopping 884 HP
8:21 Apricale is the 1st FCEV Hypercar

Story Links:
UAW Organizing Effort:

Tesla & Biden Collaborating:

Tesla Enhanced Autopilot:

GM EV Charging:

Nissan to Supply McLaren:

Uber & Lyft Drivers Put Ads on Cars:

Aptera Hub Motors:

Mercedes EQXX Range:

Polestar 5:

Apricale FCEV Hypercar:

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