Transplants Raise Wages to Block UAW; Yanfeng Hit by Cyberattack – Autoline Daily 3691

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0:00 Transplants Raise Wages to Block UAW
0:52 Small Supplier Goes Bankrupt, Impacts Stellantis
1:41 Big Supplier Hit by Cyberattack
2:07 Fisker Slashes Production Forecast
2:38 Telsa Cozies Up with India
3:45 Mercedes Launches Mobile Car Repair
4:14 Renault & Peugeot Offer New E-Vans
5:16 Toyota Testing Bidirectional Charging
5:50 1962 Ferrari GTO Sells for Record Price
6:48 Polestar 6 Won’t Be Production Limited

Story Links:
Transplants Raise Wages:

Supplier Bankruptcy Impacts Stellantis:

Yanfeng Cyberattack:

Fisker Slashes Production Forecast:

Tesla Cozies Up With India:

Mercedes Mobile Car Repair:

New Renault & Peugeot E-Vans:

Toyota Bidirectional Charging:

Ferrari Sells For Record Price:

Polestar 6 Details:

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