Toyota Backtracks on Hybrids; Tesla Changes Build Strategy – Autoline Daily 3433

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0:08 China Faces EV Price War
1:19 Nissan Pushes Renault For Equality
2:36 Toyota Backtracks on Hybrid Strategy
4:14 AVs Burn Through Tons of Capital
5:09 Renault Uses OTA for After Sales Upgrades
5:58 Arrival Shifts Production from UK To U.S.
7:32 Tesla Changes Build Strategy
8:31 Continental’s Display Business Explodes

Story Links:
– EV Price War Brewing in China?:

– Renault Wants Nissan’s Solid-State Battery Tech:

– Toyota Backtracks on Hybrids:

– How Much OEMs Have Invested in AVs:

– Renault OTAs Remember After Sales Upgrades:

– Arrival Shifting Production to the U.S.:

– Tesla Changes Build Strategy:

– Conti’s Display Business Explodes:

– To read the transcript for today’s show click here:


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