Top 8 Innovative Car Designs of Tomorrow: New Debuts of 2023

One of the ways to imagine the future and make it come true is to become an Automotive designer. These people are among the few visionaries who determine how our roads will look like tomorrow and years ahead. In this video we will pay tribute to the most exciting and futuristic car designs of 2022,
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#1 Buick Wildcat EV Concept

The elegant Buick Wildcat EV Concept will borrow some of its design elements to Buick’s upcoming electric SUVs.

#2 Hyundai N Vision 74

The Hyundai N Vision 74 concept adopts the distinctive dynamic proportioned profile and the unique B pillar of the original Pony Coupe, plus sports a futuristic Parametric pixel lighting technology.

#3 Mercedes WILL.I.AMG/The Flip

Nicknamed ‘The Flip’, Mercedes WILL.I.AMG was developed in collaboration with It is based on the flagship Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S with design elements from the iconic SLS Gullwing and G-Wagen off-roader.

#4 Renault Scenic Vision

One way to restore the popularity of slow selling car models is to turn them into SUVs. Therefore, the Renault Scenic vision that once was a compact MPV, is being transformed by the French Renault into a crossoverish EV with chieseled exterior lines and a closed off grille.

#5 Human Horizons HiPhi Z

Human Horizons is a fast-growing Chinese startup that operates in the newly-emerging segment of tech lux. Their second model HiPhi Z is an ultra-futuristic 4-door coupe that redefines the traditional concept of grand touring.


2024 VOLKSWAGEN ID. AERO is the company’s upcoming mid-size sedan, that will initially target Asian markets.

#7 Lincoln Star Concept

Lincoln Star Concept is introducing a new design direction of the company’s future electric models.

#8 Toyota Compact Cruiser EV

Toyota Compact Cruiser EV is a miniature off-roader, presented jointly by Toyota and Lexus in Tokyo in 2021.

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