There’s a Problem with PHEVs; GM Dealers Fixing Teslas – Autoline Daily 3453

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0:08 BNEF: EV Sales Going Higher Than Expected
1:10 Macron: Don’t Make EVs In the U.S.
1:46 GM Dealers Fix Teslas
2:59 BYD Launches Two New EV Brands
3:58 Renault Reveals Hydrogen-Powered Minibus
4:43 Does Hyundai Not Know Its Lineup?
6:08 Domino’s Orders 800 Bolt EVs
7:06 CATL Ramps Up Battery Swapping
7:44 A Problem with PHEVs

Story Links:
– IRA Will Increase U.S. EV Fleet:

– French President Doesn’t Want OEMs to Make EVs in the U.S.:

– GM Dealers Fixing Teslas:

– BYD Launching Two New Brands:

– Renault Hydrogen Bus:

– Hyundai Considers Lifestyle Truck:

– Dominos Orders Chevy Bolts:

– CATL Adds to Its Battery Swapping:

– To read the transcript for today’s show click here:


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