Telsa Model 2 May Be Built in China; Republicans Attack Biden EV Mandates – Autoline Daily 3706

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0:00 Tesla Model 2 May Be Built in China
0:53 Stellantis Jumps Into Battery Swapping
1:39 Stellantis Files Petition Against CARB
2:52 Republicans Attack Biden EV Mandates
4:14 Renault Says AI Will Transform Manufacturing
5:13 Honda Teases New EV Series
5:55 Car Dealers Lose Service to Lack of Trust
7:32 Toyota Announces New Battery Recycling Deal
8:12 GM Hydrotec Lands Deal with Autocar
9:05 Bye-Bye Low Cost Cars

Story Links:
Model 2 May Be Built In China:

Stellantis Jumps Into Battery Swapping:

Stellantis Files Petition Against CARB:

Republicans Attack EV Mandate:

Renault Uses AI To Transform Manufacturing:

Honda Teases New EV:

Dealers Lose Service Due To Lack of Trust:

Toyota Battery Recycling Deal:

GM Hydrotec Lands Deal With Autocar:

Low Cost Cars Dwindle:

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