Stellantis Reveals Key EV Details; Tesla Wants Stricter Emissions – Autoline Daily 3601

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0:00 U.S. Car Sales Stronger Than Expected
0:39 Car Sales Drop in China
1:12 VW Warns China EV Segment Is Overheating
1:38 VW Slashes ID.3 Price in China
2:12 Cadillac Cuts Lyriq Price in China
2:35 Car Dealers Experimenting with ChatGPT
3:40 Stellantis Reveals More EV Platform Details
4:52 UAW Wants to Soften Emission Proposal
5:42 Tesla Wants Stricter Vehicle Emissions
6:19 Honda Forms New Software Partnership
7:19 VW Invests Big in South America
7:41 VW Reveals New T-Cross SUV
8:07 BMW Motorrad Launches New Electric Motorcycle
8:59 BMW Motorrad Unveils Cool Steampunk Concept

Story Links:
– U.S. Car Sales:

– China Car Sales:

– China EV Segment Overheating?:

– VW Slashes ID.3 Price in China:

– Cadillac Cuts Lyriq Price in China:

– Dealers Experiment with ChatGPT:

– STLA Medium Platform Details:

– UAW Wants Softer Emissions:

– Tesla Wants Tougher Emissions:

– Honda Partners with SCSK:

– VW Invests in South America:

– New VW T-Cross:

– BMW CE 02:

– BMW The Crown:

– To read the transcript for today’s show click here:


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