Russian Invasion Sends Gasoline Prices Soaring; Detroit 3 Profits Threatened – Autoline Daily 3275

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0:08 Russian Invasion Sends Gasoline Prices Soaring
0:48 Palladium Prices Shoot Up 79%
1:13 Detroit Three Profits Threatened
1:41 Elon Musk Calls for More Oil & Gas Production
3:01 Cradle-To-Grave: BEV Far Cleaner Than ICE
4:36 Cars & Trucks with Best Resale Value
5:25 Stellantis To Make Ethanol Hybrid
5:56 Peek Inside VW’s ID. Buzz
6:53 ELMS Runs into Real Problems
7:50 Battery Swapping in China Attracts Bosch
8:29 Continental Makes Video Screens Disappear

Story Links:
– Gas Prices Soaring:

– Palladium Prices Go Up:

– Elon Musk Tweets on Oil & Gas Production:

– Elon Musk Tweets on Oil & Gas Production:

– Ford & UofM EV Study:

– KBB Best Resale Value:

– Stellantis Ethanol Hybrid:

– VW ID. BUZZ Interior:

– ELMS in Trouble:

– Bosch Teams on Battery Swapping in China:

– Continental Shy-Tech:

– To read the transcript for today’s show click here:


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