Rolling Blackouts Could Hurt EV Sales; EVs Caught in Culture Wars – Autoline Daily 3320

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0:07 Rolling Blackouts Could Hurt EV Sales
0:59 EVs Caught in Culture Wars
1:58 Tesla Employee Allegedly Steals Dojo Secrets
3:15 Ford Threatens Dealers with $25,000 Fine
4:09 Ford Intros Another E-Transit Model
4:55 Cadillac Starts Lyriq Production in China
5:14 World’s Biggest Hydrogen Mining Truck
5:53 AeroMobil to Make Passenger Flying Car
7:54 Parts Shortage Hits Trucking Industry
8:34 Schaeffler Bearing Increases EV Range
9:42 Hybrid Battery Offers Spectacular Range

Story Links:
Rolling Blackouts:

EVs Caught in Culture Wars:

Tesla Dojo Theft:

Ford Threatens Dealers with Fines:

Ford E-Transit Custom:

Cadillac Lyriq China Production:

Hydrogen Mining Truck:

AeroMobil Flying Car:

Parts Shortage Hits Trucking Industry:

New Schaeffler Bearing:

Hybrid Battery Offers Long Range:

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