Price War Spreading Fast in China; GM All In With ChatGPT – Autoline Daily 3524

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0:08 Price War Spreading Fast in China
1:05 China’s Xi Jin Ping Warns CATL
1:59 Britain Risks Losing Out with EVs
3:28 GM All in With ChatGPT
4:30 Rivian Wants Different Deal with Amazon
5:27 Ferrari Purosangue Opens Up
6:55 GMC Hummer Gets Bi-Directional Charging
7:47 Solid State Could Change the Battery Market
8:35 U.S. EVs Average Nearly 300 Miles

Story Links:
– China Price War:

– China President Warns CATL:

– UK at Risk of Falling Behind with EV Manufacturing:

– GM to Use ChatGPT:

– Rivian Wants to Adjust Amazon Deal:

– Magna Supplying Door Tech to Ferrari Purosangue:‘s-smartaccess-power-door-system-hits-the-market-in-style

– Hummer Gets Bi-Directional Charging:

– Solid State Battery Market Set to Explode:

– U.S. EVs Smash Global Range Average:

– To read the transcript for today’s show click here:


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