Plasma Ignition Better Than Spark Plugs; Ford Tries Direct Sales in China – Autoline Daily 3350

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0:07 BrightDrop Makes 1st Deliveries to FedEx
0:40 Daimler Using LFP Batteries for Long Haul Truck
1:14 Honda Breaks Ground on New EV Plant in China
1:48 VW Test Helps Increase Renewable Energy Use
3:19 EV Production Updates
3:56 BMW Digitizing All of Its Production Plants
4:29 GM Drops 4-Year Degree Requirement for Salaried Workers
5:10 Ford Tries Direct Sales in China
6:39 Plasma Ignition Proves Better Than Spark Plugs
7:54 R.I.P. Maryann Keller

Story Links:
BridghtDrop FedEx Delivery:

Daimler Truck Using LFP Battery:!!&rs=2

New Honda EV Plant in China:

VW Tests Renewable Energy Use:

EV Production Updates:

BMW Digitizes Plants:

GM Drops Degree Requirement:

Ford China Direct Sales:

Plasma Ignition vs. Spark Plugs:

Read the transcript here:


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