NIO ET7 Rivals Tesla Model S; Shanghai GM Workers Sleeping at Plant – Autoline Daily 3291

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0:08 Shanghai GM Workers Sleeping at Plant
0:50 Nickel Demand Soaring for EV Batteries
1:31 IIHS Wants AEB That Works at Night
2:52 Ford Rattler Coming to Off-Road Market
3:44 NIO ET7 Has Impressive Specs
4:57 Honda Tests Hybrid IndyCar Engine
5:58 People Are Fixing Up Their Old Cars
6:59 Car Design Starts with Central Computer

Story Links:
– GM Workers Sleeping at China Plant:

– Nickel Demand Soaring:

– IIHS Wants AEB That Works at Night:

– New Ford Rattler:

– NIO Starts Delivering ET7:

– Honda Tests Hybrid Engine for IndyCar:

– Owners Fixing Used Instead of Buying New:

– AAH with Danny Shapiro:

– To read the transcript for today’s show click here:


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