NEW Passenger Vans of the Future: Innovative Electric Models of 2023 and Beyond

A passenger van might not be the sexiest vehicle out there, some would even discriminatively call it a soccer mom car. But I beg to differ and will try to prove to you that electric MPVs of the new era will be among the best-looking automobiles of the future. So lets explore the freshest newcomers within the class that are already in production as well as some cool looking models under development.

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#1 2023 VW ID. Buzz

The world’s most anticipated electric van has finally made its debut as a production model retaining its new retro looks, futuristic cabin and solid electric specifications. The Volkswagen Buzz I.D will be sold in two powertrain configurations just like the VW ID4 crossover.

#2 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQT

Mercedes used to have an electric MPV in its lineup labeled B-Class Electric Drive. In 2023 it will make a comeback as a Mercedes-Benz EQT and as before will share underpinnings with the electric Renault Kangoo e-Tech.

#3 2023 Arrival Car

2023 Arrival Car is developed as a perfect taxi or shuttle car for Uber and similar companies. The electric MPV seats 5 and has enough boot space for 2 large and 1 small bag.

#4 2023 Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle

2023 Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle is built on the modular platform, and it will arrive in 4 versions: Delivery with 2 seats and a cargo bay, Base with 5 seats, plus Premium and Adventure with 7.

#5 2023 Opel/Vauxhall Zafira E-Life / Fiat E-Ulysse

Stellantis Group have 4 electric passenger vans in their stables. The latest MPVs to join the ranks are Opel/Vauxhall Zafira e-Life and Fiat e-Ulysse.

#6 2022 Mercedes-Benz e-Vito

2022 Mercedes-Benz e-Vito is offered as a panel van with 212 cubic feet of boot space and a passenger Tourer with up to 9. The vans get two different powertrain systems – 116 hp motor and 66kWh battery; and 204hp motor and 100kWh pack.

#7 Renault Kangoo Electric

The Renault Kangoo ZE Concept was revealed back in 2019, but we are still hoping that some of its features will make it to the production version of the electric Kangoo passenger van.

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