NEW Mercedes-AMG Lineup: Best Luxury Sports Cars and SUVs in 2024?

This year Mercedes AMG has crossed yet another milestone in its corporate history and celebrated the 55th anniversary of manufacturing some of the world’s most renowned performance-focused luxury cars. The next stage for the Affalterbach brand will be closely associated with across the board electrification, engines downsizing and hopefully new achievements in engineering and technology. In this episode of Automotive Territory Daily News we would like to summarize the progress that AMG has made in the recent months and will show you the freshest announcements within their lineup.
#1 2024 Mercedes AMG C63 S E Performance
2024 Mercedes-AMG C 63 S E Performance transforms into an all-wheel drive plugin hybrid that features the world’s strongest and the torquiest production 4-cylinder.

#2 2024 Mercedes AMG EQE SUV 53
2024 Mercedes AMG EQE SUV 53 is the flagship model of the EQE SUV range that boasts AMG-specific motors with 677 hps and up to 292 miles of range.

#3 2023 Mercedes AMG One
Entering production as a 2023 model, the Mercedes AMG One promises buyers a full carbon fiber chassis, Formula 1-inspired exterior and interior, plus a one-of-a-kind PHEV drivetrain, based on a 1.6L turbo V6 engine.

#4 Mercedes AMG S 63 E Performance
The 2023 Mercedes-AMG S 63 E Performance makes a comeback after a short break, bringing to the table a combination of a 4 Liter Twin Turbo V8 and an electric motor mounted onto the rear axle.

#5 2023 Mercedes AMG C43
The fifth generation AMG C-Class kicks off production with the entry level 2023 Mercedes AMG C43 version that sports a distinctive look with AMG-specific radiator grille, sporty air intakes, chrome trim, and new wheels from to 18 to 20 inches in diameter.

#6 2023 Mercedes AMG A45 S 4MATIC
2023 Mercedes AMG A45 S 4MATIC scores itself an exterior facelift, new cabin tech, plus a redesigned AMG-specific Performance steering wheel with special AMG buttons and controls.

#7 2023 Mercedes AMG SL 63+ Motorsport Collectors Edition
2023 Mercedes AMG SL 63+ Motorsport Collectors Edition celebrates the finish of the 2022 Formula 1 and arrives in a limited number of 100 units.

#8 2024 Mercedes AMG C63 S E Performance 4matic+ Estate
Buyers of this station wagon will have a hard time remembering its full name, but they will definitely appreciate the proud feeling of driving the world’s coolest family supercar. The estate version 2024 Mercedes AMG C63 S E Performance 4matic+ Estate is opening a new chapter of electrified dynamism for 5-door cars.

#9 2024 Mercedes-AMG GLE SUV and Coupe (AMG GLE 53 and AMG GLE 63 S)
The next model cycle for the mighty Mercedes-AMG GLE SUV and Coupe duo shall be recognized by the newly designed LED daytime running lights and tail lights; 53 models also get a new front apron with jet wing design side air intakes.

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