New Buick All-SUV Lineup in America and New Cars in China (2024 Review)

In the recent years, Buick’s lineup has been constantly losing once beloved models without offering new alternatives. In 2024, however, the bleeding is expected to stop and we will be welcoming some yet unseen newcomers with and certified fresh exteriors and more technological cabins. Today we will summarize all of the news about Buick’s upcoming car lineup.

New Chevrolet Cars:

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2023 Buick Envista

Buick claims that they were among a handful of brands which defined the small SUV segment back in 2012. The 2024 Buick Envista is the new offering expected to further solidify the lineup and put a claim on the title of America’s most affordable premium crossover.

Buick Encore GX 2024
The most popular Buick in North America becomes the first model to hit dealerships with the brand’s new tri-shield logo, as well as the new company face. Exterior-wise, the biggest changes are seen at the front end, with the Wildcat-inspired angry-looking grille.

Buick GL8 Century

The Chinese market is a safe harbor for many brands and also one of the few places on Earth were sedans and minivans are still keeping good sales numbers. Therefore, China is among the very few markets where GM will be offering their attractive luxury MPV that will go toe to toe with the exotic Lexus LM.

2024 Buick Electra E5

In line with their market strategy of the recent years, Buick has chosen to debut their first electric model Electra E5 in China first. The E5 embraces the Pure design language inspired by the Electra-X concept.

Wildcat EV Concept

The 1960s Buick Wildcat moniker is not expected to make a comeback, instead the coupe will serve as an inspiration for an all-SUV all-electric Buick lineup of 2030s.

Buick LaCrosse

While the LaCrosse was discontinued along with any other non-SUV Buick model in the US, China actually got a facelifted version of the mid-size. The appearance is fresh boasting a larger grille and all-new headlights, but underneath it is the same E2 platform.

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