Maserati Lays Out Its EV Plan; Top Automakers Ranked by Profit – Autoline Daily 3284

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0:07 IEA’s 10 Pronged Plan to Reduce Oil & Gas Use
0:59 Maserati Lays Out Its EV Plan
1:38 Porsche Ramps Up Its EV Efforts
2:15 Hino Admits to Diesel Cheating
3:01 BMW Sticking With Ridiculous EV Claim
4:08 Kia Offers Free Mobile Charging
4:40 Manual Trans Dominates Integra Pre-Orders
5:03 Jeep Teases Blended Wrangler & Gladiator
6:08 NASCAR Going to Le Mans with a Camaro
6:57 RC Car Demonstrates Nissan’s e-4ORCE Technology
7:48 Top OEMs Ranked by Profit

Story Links:
IEA Oil Reduction Plan:

Maserati EV Plans:

Porsche Boosts EV Target:

Hino Diesel Cheating:

BMW Ridiculous EV Claim:

Kia Free Mobile Charging:–recharge–electric-vehicl/s/ec92396e-66a2-4157-ab08-d1fe1edda202

Acura Integra Manual Transmission Orders:

Jeep Moab Tease:

NASCAR Going to LeMans:

Nissan RC Car w/ e-4ORCE Tech:

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