Lamborghini’s Profits Skyrocket; Problem with Cell-2-Pack Designs – Autoline Daily 3529

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0:08 Euro 7 Gets Industry Pushback
1:16 Lamborghini’s Profits Skyrocket
2:19 Autoline Cracks 100,000 YouTube Subscribers
3:35 Toyota Building Wheelchairs
4:41 FSD Gets Another Update
5:34 Problems with Cell-To-Pack
7:11 Stellantis Builds Plant in Africa
7:45 Congress Unhappy with Biden’s IRA Mods
8:59 Premium Gas Gets More Expensive

Story Links:
– Euro 7 Standards Getting Pushback:

– Lambo’s 2022 Sales & Earnings:–2-billion–with-a-best-in-class-operating-margin-of-25.9-/s/8de01a03-b524-47f3-98ae-837c26a38885

– Toyota C Walk s:

– FSD v11 Starts Broader Rollout:

– EV Insurance Premiums Will Continue to Go Up:

– Stellantis Building Plant in Africa:

– Some in Congress Unhappy with Evolving Direction of IRA:

– Premium Gas Getting More Expensive:

– To read the transcript for today’s show click here:


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