Kiss The Lexus Spindle Grille Goodbye; Polestar Decides To Glue Cars Together – Autoline Daily 3261

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0:07 China’s Infrastructure Will Charge 20 Million EVs
0:42 U.S. Invests in Hydrogen Manufacturing
1:20 Audi to Build More EVs in China
2:36 Jeep Meridian Designed for the Indian Market
3:12 Polestar Pioneers a Fully Bonded Structure
4:28 Mobileye Expands Beyond Cameras Into Robotaxis
5:36 Fisker Taking Reservations for PEAR EV
6:09 Acura Taking Orders for All-New Integra
6:33 Kiss the Spindle Grille Goodbye as Lexus Goes Electric
7:19 DS Adds a Bit More PHEV Range

Story Links:
China Expands EV Charging:

U.S. Hydrogen Infrastructure:

Audi EVs in China:

Jeep Meridian:

Polestar Fully Bonded Structure:

Mobileye Robotaxis:

Fisker PEAR EV:

Acura Integra:

Lexus Spindle Grille:

DS PHEV:×4-360-ds-9-e-tense-250-power-to-spare

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