Honda EV Van Only $7,300; Tesla to Shorten Shifts in China – Autoline Daily 3464

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0:00 Tesla to Shorten China Shifts
1:09 IIHS Calls for Lower Speed Limits
3:07 Honda Turns to CATL for Batteries
3:57 Honda EV Van Only $7,300
4:52 Camaro & Escalade to Become Stand-Alone Brands
5:27 GM President Says ICE Age Not Over
6:32 EV Trucks Hit Tipping Point
7:27 BMW Expanding EV Lineup in China
8:10 Hyundai Building Battery Plant in U.S.

Story Links:
Tesla o Shorten China Shifts:

IIHS Wants Lower Speed Limits:

Honda Buys CATL Batteries:

Honda EV Van:

More GM Stand-Alone Brands:

GM Says ICE Age Isn’t Over:

BMW Expands China EV Lineup:

Hyundai U.S. Battery Plant:

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