Honda Designs Cars with VR; IRA Loopholes Squashed by Manchin – Autoline Daily 3468

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0:08 Manchin Squashes IRA Loophole Ideas
1:00 Ford Hiring Tech’s Laid Off Software Engineers
1:53 Mercedes Groups Plants Under EV Umbrella
3:24 Oliver Blume Puts His Stamp on VW Group
4:30 Opel Mokka EV Gets More Power & Range
5:17 Jaguar F-Pace PHEV Gets More Range
5:48 Mazda Adds PHEV To Lineup
7:01 Honda Designs Cars with VR Goggles
7:54 Hella’s Smart Headlamps

Story Links:
– IRA Loopholes Squashed:

– Mercedes Retooling Plants for EVs:

– Oliver Blume Shaking Up VW:

– Opel Mokka Electric Updated:

– Jaguar Gives F-PACE PHEV Bigger Battery:

– Mazda Adding New PHEV Model:

– Honda Designs Cars in VR:

– Hella’s Smart Headlamps:

– To read the transcript for today’s show click here:


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