GM Launches All-New Car Brand In China; U.S. Developing VTOL Regs – Autoline Daily 3276

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0:07 GM to Launch All-New Car Brand in China
1:05 GM Business in China Falling Fast
2:26 GM Locking Up Raw Materials for Batteries
3:36 China’s Top OEMs Outbuild Many Western OEMs
4:58 Does Tesla Deliberately Hold Down Sales in China?
5:58 True Car Offers Online Buying for Any Dealership
6:42 EPA Wants to Slash Heavy Truck Emissions
8:03 Hyundai & IVECO Explore Partnership
8:29 U.S. Working on VTOL Regs
9:16 Thanks to Nissan Ariya There’s Soup for You!

Story Links:
New GM Brand in China:

GM Locks Up Raw Materials:

Tesla China Sales:

True Car Online Buying:

Heavy Truck Emissions:

Hyundai & IVECO:

U.S. VTOL Regs:

Nissan Ariya E-Force Tech:

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