GM Giving Away Dealer Inventory; BMW Speeds Up Solid-State Battery Development – Autoline Daily 3474

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0:00 High Prices Curb U.S. Sales
0:51 Tesla Discounts a Sign of Slowing Demand?
1:49 GM Giving Away Dealer Inventory
3:42 Magna Makes Active Aero That Morphs Into Shape
4:35 ZF Launches Improved Radar
5:33 BWM Helps Speed Up Solid-State Battery Development
6:58 Citroen Expands Ami Buggy Due to Popularity
7:31 EV Startup Previews Moving Display Screen

Story Links:
December Car Sales:

Tesla Discounts Vehicles:

GM Giving Away Dealer Inventory:

Magna Active Aero:

ZF Next-Gen Radar:

BMW Solid-State Batteries:

Citroen Ami Buggy:

AEHRA SUV Interior:–suv-redefines-in-car-experience-with-unprecedented-cabin-space–materials-and-technol/s/041fbae9-78e2-4239-a01b-1b8c0b69a3a2

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