Ford Backs Away from EVs with VW; Honda Creates New BEV Division – Autoline Daily 3490

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0:00 Ford Backs Away from EVs with VW
1:26 Ford Could Shrink Footprint in Europe
1:59 Honda Creates New Division to Make BEVs
3:26 Aptera Surrenders, Agrees to DCFC
4:39 Renault to Sell Used Cars Globally
5:13 Nissan Eyes Electric Mid-Size Pickup
6:06 Russia Revives 1963 V8 Engine
7:30 Lightyear Favors Affordable Model
8:05 California Dominates U.S. EV Market

Story Links:
Ford Ends VW EV Partnership:

Ford Cuts Jobs in EU:

Honda’s New BEV Division:

Aptera Adopts DCFC:

Renault Used Cars:

Nissan Mid-size Electric Pickup:

Russia Revives V8 Engine:

Lightyear Favors Affordable Model:

California Dominates U.S. EV Sales:

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