Ferrari Says It Will Never Make an AV; GM Plans Return to Europe – Autoline Daily 3348

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0:08 Gasoline Is $6.76 In Canada
0:38 GM Preps for EV Launch In EU
1:27 Car Thieves Steal Right Off the Assembly Line
2:54 Ferrari Says No AVs, Not Never
3:50 Renault Re-Thinks Sound Inside EVs…
4:45 …And Hardens Them from Cyber Attacks
6:00 Porsche Nailed for Cheating on Emissions
6:39 New Electric Commercial Van Startup
7:41 Study Finds Quarter of EV Chargers Don’t Work

Story Links:
– Gas Prices in Canada:

– GM Plans Return to Europe:

– Car Thefts in Michigan:

– Ferrari Says No to AVs:

– Renault Wants Simple Sound Systems:

– Renault Develops Cybersecurity System:

– Porsche Pays for Emission Cheating:

– Four8 Commercial:

– Charging Study:

– To read the transcript for today’s show click here:


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