Dodge Hiring “Chief Donut Maker;” Renault Sued for Copycat Logo – Autoline Daily 3244


0:08 Renault & Geely Plan to Build Hybrids in South Korea
0:40 Bosch & Mahle Already Carbon Neutral
1:16 Chinese Startup Sues Renault Over Copycat Logo
2:22 Mercedes Partners with Luminar
3:02 Sony Looking for More Partners for EV Project
3:33 Dodge Looks to Hire “Chief Donut Maker”
4:49 Glickenhaus Reveals Cryogenic Hydrogen Powered Race Truck
5:43 ZF Merges All Vehicle Motion Components into One Unit
6:49 Ford Makes Ranger Bed More Versatile
7:52 Acura Creates Anime Series That Features New Type S

Story Links:
– Renault & Geely Partner:

– Mahle Reaches Carbon Neutrality:–88320

– Renault Sued For Copycat Logo:

– Mercedes & Luminar Partner:!!&rs=0

– Sony Looking for Partners:

– Dodge Hiring Chief Donut Maker:

– Glickenhaus Cryogenic Hydrogen Powered Race Vehicle:

– ZF cubiX Platform:

– Ford Ranger Versatility:–all-new-ford-ranger-is-loaded.html

– Acura Anime Series:

– To read the transcript for today’s show click here:


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