China Sales Up, But Tesla Down; Bi-Directional Charging is a Money Maker – Autoline Daily 3480

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0:00 China Sales Up, But Tesla Down
0:51 Germans Boost EV Sales Dramatically
1:30 Excess Capacity in North America
3:09 More Road Lanes Not a Solution
4:00 Mazda Uses Wankel as Range Extender
4:51 Porsche Offers Classic Rally Wraps
6:13 BYD Watch Has Alcohol Detector
6:43 Bi-Directional EV Charging is a Money Maker
7:38 Peugeot’s Inflatable Seats

Story Links:
China Sales:

German OEM EV Sales:

Excess Capacity in North America:

More Lanes Not Needed:

Mazda Wankel Range Extender:

Porsche Classic Rally Wraps:

BYD Watch Alcohol Detector:

Bi-Directional EV Charging:

Peugeot’s Inflatable Seats:

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