China Doesn’t Trust Tesla; Car Color Affects Value – Autoline Daily 3349

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0:08 Chinese Leadership Doesn’t Trust Tesla
1:06 Expensive EVs Threaten EV Revolution
2:20 Entry Level EVs Need to Sell Well
4:11 Car Color Affects Depreciation
5:16 Volvo Truck Pushes Forward with Fuel Cells
6:06 Volvo’s FCEV Rock Hauler
6:37 Opel Jumps into Fuel Cell Segment
7:54 Bridgestone & Dow Develop Run Flat Tire
8:25 Lamborghini Helps Ukrainian Supplier
9:06 BMW Invests In E-Drive Manufacturing…
9:30 …And Autonomous Forklifts

Story Links:
– China Doesn’t Trust Tesla:

– Expensive EVs Threaten Adoption:

– Affordable EVs Need to Sell Well:

– Car Color Affect Depreciation:

– Volvo Testing Fuel Cell Semi:

– Volvo Testing Fuel Cell Rock Hauler:

– Opel Launching Fuel Cell Van:

– Bridgestone’s New Run-Flat Tire:

– Lambo Helps Ukraine Supplier:–supply-chain-challenges–future-prospects-and-the-exemplary-case-of-the-ukrainian-suppl/s/f31dbe6f-b916-4b83-8fe1-554ebea18949

– BMW Converts Engine Plant to Make Electric Drive Units:

– BMW Using AV Forklifts:

– To read the transcript for today’s show click here:


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