Car Dealers Rip Off U.S. Consumers, EVs May Cause Overcapacity – Autoline Daily 3262

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0:08 Car Dealers Are Ripping Off American Consumers
1:16 Headlamps Are Exhibit #1 For Government Bureaucracy & Red Tape
2:22 EVs Could Cause Overcapacity Problem
4:01 Tech Details On M-B’s First Electric AMG
5:33 Tesla Lines Up Lithium Supplies
6:08 First Look at Maserati’s New SUV
6:34 Euro NCAP Evaluates Delivery Vans
8:09 NVIDIA Teams Up with JLR
8:54 Intel to Boost Automotive Business
9:20 Join Jim Farley For a Fireside Chat

Story Links:
– Americans Overpay for New Cars:

– Adaptive Headlamps Finally Approved in the U.S.:

– New VW EV Assembly Plant:

– Mercedes-AMG EQE:!!&rs=1

– Tesla Secures More Lithium:

– Maserati Grecale:

– Euro NCAP Tests Commercial Vans:

– NVIDIA Teams Up with JLR:

– Intel Buying Semiconductor Maker:

– Fireside Chat with Ford CEO Jim Farley:

– To read the transcript for today’s show click here:


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